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Community News Recent Posts:

Somewhere Else

Alex Morton: Years ago, my wife and I were part of what was then called the back to the land movement. We moved to a little farm in Nova Scotia, intent on becoming spiritually enlightened, in-tune with nature, and as self-sufficient as possible. We would live a simple life, grow all our own food, chop wood for heat, and sell macramé, pottery, and candles at craft markets for cash. It sounded reasonable at the time.

But the struggle for self-sufficiency and enlightenment was overshadowed by a mad scramble for bucks to keep the tofu and brown rice on the table and pay for endless repairs to the truck. Eventually, we realized that if we were going to have to grub for dollars, it was better to go where there were more to be found.

Now, we’re doing it again. Only this time it’s on a tiny Greek island where people live decades longer than the norm. If we can somehow make it all work, maybe we can live a few years extra, too.

Somewhere Else will soon be published. If you’d like to know when it’s available, I can drop you a line.

–Alex Morton

Read article: Somewhere Else

Sarah Wilson in Ikaria

It’s a fun story behind how I wound up here in Ikaria, a small island all the way over to the east of Cyclades. Here’s a little video I just did in which I interview Dan Buettner, a National Geographic adventurer (such things do exist) and author of the New York Times bestseller The Blue Zones, which kinda explains things. – Sarah Wilson

Read article: Sarah Wilson in Ikaria

Unkempt Ikaria

The Iliad suggests Ikaria is a wind-wracked place with messy seas around it. (To write more about Icaria would be like trying to write the Lord’s Prayer on a penny.)

Read article: Unkempt Ikaria

Iceland How to Survive

The central bankers are wrong about that, and the example of Iceland provides Greece and the rest of mainland Europe with a valuable example. Unfortunately, it looks like it will be a lesson learned in hindsight.

Read article: Iceland How to Survive

Greece’s Golden Dawn Conflict

A YouTube video shows Golden Dawn supporters smashing up a stall because the stallholder allegedly didn’t have the required licence. According to Euronews, members of Golden Dawn are under investigation for posing as police. However, Ekathimerini reports that Golden Dawn’s deputies said they carried out the checks on migrants’ identification papers as “simple Greek citizens” and that their actions were lawful.

Greece, Israel: Small countries

The development of Greece-Israel relations is a cause for great satisfaction and offers the potential for wide-ranging synergies, win-win partnerships and significant bilateral advantages. The two countries, though small in size, can have a big impact on regional development and enjoy multiple growth benefits.

Read article: Greece, Israel: Small countries

Santorini Volcano’s Magma

Molten rock found below the historic Santorini volcano has expanded by about 10 million to 20 million cubic meters, finds a new study. Researchers pointed out that expansion of the volcano caused by the growth of the magma is 15 times the size of the London Olympics stadium.

Read article: Santorini Volcano’s Magma


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