Lost in the Aegean Odyssey

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The Aegean as Odysseus Knew It - NYTimes.com

The Aegean as Odysseus Knew It http://travel.nytimes.com/ Odysseus sailed these waters off the coast of Turkey, or so Homer’s epic goes. While modern travelers do not have to fear the Cyclops, there are other challenges in hopping the…


Odysseus has no psyche, not in the modern, literary sense. One of the founding works of Western literature may be a travel story about getting lost, but apart from the image of heartbroken Odysseus crying on the shores of Calypso’s http://laparkan.com/buy-vardenafil/ island, Homer rarely portrays his hero’s disconnection and desperation.

When Odysseus lost his way after Kythira, he landed 10 days later in the land of the Lotus-eaters. I was there already. The beer, the comradeship, the casual mythological references, the braised goat at Stefanos’s family’s restaurant, the dramatic gorges and homey cafes and earthquake-ravaged churches — why move on?   more



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Lost in the Aegean Odyssey


  1. I lost my textbook and have no time or money to go buy one. Here is my assignment. Please, serious answers only. Thank you!

    * The Illiad wasn’t written during the Aegean period, so why can it be considered appropriate to study this writing here?

    *Achilles had not been fighting, so why did he decide to fight?

    *What happens to hector?

    *Why does Priam come and what happens?

    *Homer made us of “vivid similes.” Give three examples you really like, noting their line numbers and why you like them or find them effective.

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    Lost in the Aegean Odyssey
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Lost in the Aegean Odyssey

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