Ikaria Wants “Secession” From Greece?

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(July 18, 2012) – The immediate reaction of the Greek Embassy in Austria led to the current front page of the popular Austrian newspaper “Heute”, under which the island Ikaria wants “secession” from Greece and the “annexation” of Austria.

«Χόιτε»: Η Ικαρία επιθυμεί την «προσάρτησή» της στην Αυστρία | TVXS - TV Χωρίς Σύνορα

«Χόιτε»: Η Ικαρία επιθυμεί την «προσάρτησή» της στην Αυστρία | TVXS – TV Χωρίς Σύνοραhttp://tvxs.gr/news/ellada/xoite-i-ikaria-epithymei-tin-prosartisi-tis-stin-aystriaΤην άμεση αντίδραση της ελληνικής πρεσβείας στην Αυστρία, προκάλεσε το σημερινό πρωτοσέλιδο της αυστριακής λαϊκής εφημερίδας «Χόιτε», σύμφωνα με το οποίο η Ικαρία επιθυμεί την «απόσχισή» της από την Ε
Zorba the Austrian | New Europe

Zorba the Austrian | New Europehttp://www.neurope.eu/article/zorba-austrianThe Greek island of Ikaria in the Aegean Sea might be on its way to secession from Greece and accession to Austria, according to an Austrian daily.
Newspaper Claims the Island of Ikaria Want to Be Part of Austria - Keep Talking Greece

Newspaper Claims the Island of Ikaria Want to Be Part of Austria – Keep Talking Greecehttp://www.keeptalkinggreece.com/2012/07/17/newspaper-claims-the-island-of-ikaria-want-to-be-part-of-austria/Bad taste? Extreme shortage of brain cells? I really can’t tell. Most likely it was boredom and a vivid fantasy. And maybe even a threat of work place loss should the…

The article, which was carried by other Austrian media – even the website of the Austrian public broadcaster – led the Greek Embassy to issue a notice stating that “Ikaria is an integral part of Greek territory and there is no ending agreement between the Greek government and the island. On July 17, 2012 we celebrated the 100th anniversary of the revolution, in which the island in the Aegean Sea, Ikaria, gained its independence from the Ottoman Empire. The Treaty of Lausanne of 1923, confirmed in Article 12 that the islands in the Aegean Sea, including Ikaria, belong to Greece.”

The publication of “Heute”, entitled “bankrupt Greeks – The first holiday island wants its future to belong to Austria” and subtitled “unprecedented political event: Ikaria plans referendum on secession from Athens,” argued that in Ikaria, the inhabitants and the mayor Christodoulos Stafrinadi want to be annexed to Austria because of dissatisfaction with Athens.

It quoted elements of the “summer fairytale afstroellinikou”, ie the island with 255 square kilometers, the “beautiful beaches”, the average annual temperature of 19 degrees, the 9,000 residents “who now preach revolution”, saying publicly ‘Goodbye Athens, will go to Austria. ” It mentioned in the article “historical” elements to obtain the independence of the island, and for the supposed end to the July 17, present-day Treaty of 100 years of residence in Greece, as well as some statements by an anonymous mayor’s spokesman about the “ability of islanders to redefine their future because they have forgotten Athens, thinking of their integration in Austria.”

Finally issuing international relations statements, a professor at the University of the Austrian city Linz, determined that there would be no problem for an inclusion of Ikaria in Austria, provided of course there was consent to do so by the Austrian federal president, who should sign an agreement with the island, based on the principles of international law. On whether Ikaria would automatically become a tenth Land of Austria, the professor says he should change the Austrian Federal Constitution, which provides nine federal states, while, according to his calculations, Vienna should take over the percentage of total Greek debt, equivalent to Ikaria, about 250 million euros.

The Ikarians do not really want annexation to Austria! They want to be promoted to the European aristocratic class, just as some merchants were in the 1700s, so they can rule as a privileged group! Either that or co-ownership of resources.

July, 1912 – A procession moved slowly above a hilltop. A dozen men clutched a sedan chair holding the Ottoman magistrate, Mustafa. The air was warm. A worker tottered and stumbled. He had been drinking wine. The sedan shaft broke and Mustafa slid out of the chair. Unfortunately for him, the Ottoman magistrate plunged down a steep cliff. 

“We’re in danger now,” one of the muscular men exclaimed.   

“I didn’t mean it,” yelped the man who had been drinking. Structural damage. He questioningly shifted the broken pole in his hand. 

“When they ask us who’s responsible, we must say that we all are,” whispered the first man. “We must see this through to the end.”

An island revolution had begun. The person in charge served Icarian wine in a dugout by a church and instructed his fighters. The Titanic financiers had stooped to the foot of the ocean floor. Now was the time for independence.

Ikaria's short flight to independence | New Europe

Ikaria’s short flight to independence | New Europehttp://www.neurope.eu/article/ikarias-short-flight-independenceThe Greek diplomats explained that the island celebrated 100th anniversary of the revolution and liberation from the Ottoman Empire, but that the Treaty of Lausanne, signed in…
Greek island wants to become part of Austria | SBS World News

Greek island wants to become part of Austria | SBS World Newshttp://www.sbs.com.auThe island, which is closer to mainland Turkey, became independent from the Ottoman Empire in 1912, though the freedom lasted a mere five months, before becoming part of Greece…


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Ikaria Wants “Secession” From Greece?


  1. The Ikaria islanders signed a 100 year agreement to join Greece which was set to expire this week. Excited about the story of the island’s independence, an Austrian journalist asked an expert whether it would be possible for Austria to finally get direct access to beaches in the Aegean Sea…

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Ikaria Wants “Secession” From Greece?

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