Icarian-Sea Island Shows Left-Wing Divide

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In Greece, 'Red' Island Shows Left-Wing Divide - WSJ.com

In Greece, ‘Red’ Island Shows Left-Wing Divide – WSJ.comhttp://online.wsj.com/Locals refer to the craggy Aegean island of Icaria as the red rock—less for its landscape than for the communist political tradition that many in Europe worry will help pull Greece out of the euro zone.


The Communist Party‘s success in Icaria helps explain Greece’s longtime flirtation with an ideology that has done much to challenge the country’s place in the currency bloc as its debt crisis has worsened. Greece’s entrenched leftist tradition has propelled the KKE‘s popularity long after the end of Cold War, as well as the recent success of the radical left party Syriza, which upended national elections last month with its anti-austerity message.

“You have Cuba, North Korea, and Icaria,” says Anthony Papalas, a professor emeritus of Greek and Roman history at East Carolina University in Greenville, N.C., who has written extensively about the island and calls it one of the world’s few communist bastions. “It’s like stepping into a time capsule.”

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Icarian-Sea Island Shows Left-Wing Divide


  1. The Icarians might vote communist, but when it comes to snatching up land, they’re as capitalist as everyone else. haha… May I interest you in the Cave of the Revelation? Expected spike in stock trends this year. Pay the cashier…

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Icarian-Sea Island Shows Left-Wing Divide

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