Food of the gods

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Food of the gods - Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News

Food of the gods  Greeks live to eat, and at the high point of their sensual, intuitive, passionate cuisine is the meze table, a selection of appetizers to tempt the appetite and accompany drinks.…  


The traditional Greek meze was originally meant to precede lunch or dinner, but over the years became a meal in itself.  And what a feast it is.

Photo: Maree Giles

The Greek meze, like the Russian zakuski, was designed to precede a meal, but over the years turned into a meal in itself. After 50 types of mezedes and a few drinks, one tends to skip the main course. As opposed to zakuski, where the table is full of pickled and preserved foods, the Greek meze is based on hundreds and thousands of recipes made with fresh seasonal ingredients.  more

By Ronit Vered





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