Icarian People Live So Long

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Eat fish and nap for a long life - IOL Lifestyle | IOL.co.za

Eat fish and nap for a long life  http://www.iol.co.za/  Athens – Siestas, a healthy diet – and genetics – could explain why people on the tiny Aegean island of Ikaria live so long, says a study by Greek cardiologists.  


“Fish, fruit, vegetables, legumes and tea shield the cardiovascular system. Moreover, daily use of olive oil is beneficient to sexual activity and, if added to the moderate consumption of coffee in the afternoon ‘siesta’, form the ingredients that may compose the secret of longevity,” the researchers said.

Greg Carver

The study found that the elderly had healthier eating habits and took midday naps more regularly than younger islanders, presenting lower depression rates.   more

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