Days Without The Internet

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Beth Arnold: LETTER FROM PARIS: 28 days (without the internet)

Beth Arnold: LETTER FROM PARIS: 28 days (without the internet) is a crazy world we live in. Ever since the Industrial Revolution, elders of every generation have lamented changes in their social fabric, but never in the history of man…


I leave Paris for a remote Greek island. There I’ll submit myself to basic rehab’s 28 days of cleansing from my addiction, of giving my brain and body a much-needed rest. No Googling. No Social Media. No email on any device at all. This exchange of my normal, toxic element for a healthy new natural environment is designed to bring me back into a more direct and complete relationship with myself.

I will meditate and exercise every day. I will look for whole and organic foods in order to cook healthy meals. My reading sources will only be in print. If I communicate with someone, I will have to speak with them by telephone. No texting, no Instant Messaging. I will return my life to a human pace.

In the meantime, I envision 28 days (without the internet) as the emotional, physical, and spiritual journey of our time; the journey that millions of people feel in their hearts they need to take, but haven’t yet been shown the way; the journey from the Internet back to the inner self.   more


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