Vision in Green and Blue

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Skopelos: Vision in green and blue

Skopelos: Vision in green and blue This island in the Northern Sporades surprises the visitor at every step, and there are plenty of them…


Skopelos — the main location for the filming of the 2008 box-office success “Mamma Mia!” — is probably Greece’s greenest island, dominated by dense pine forest. Apart from the greenery, the local architecture, with a strong influence from the nearby mainland area of Pilio, is also untypically Aegean.

It also has more than a dozen beautiful beaches. Touring the island is easier on its western side, where the villages and beaches are linked by the main road network. Those with an off-road vehicle will have the best of opportunities to explore the forest roads of the Delfi mountain, lush with pines, olive trees and orchards. But the island, with its intoxicating scent of pine trees and several fine beaches, lends itself to relaxing walks.  more


By Haris Argyropoulos






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