Mediterranean Blue

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Mediterranean blue

Mediterranean blue Santorini is an island that emerged from the bowel of the ocean; it’s imposing, impressive, majestic, and gorgeous with a rather eerie beauty created by a cosmogony of…



Houses, hotels and churches in Santorini feature the two most characteristic colours of Greece: white and blue. Santorini is amazing and bright, but it’s not the only colour celebrated on this island. The sun blends its colours with the volcanic soil creating a unique optical phenomenon.

Indeed in Santorini every new house has to be built following the same style as the old houses, and hotels. Pay attention to the amount of hotels and swimming pools on the edge of the cliffs. The landscape of Santorini from this cornice is once more indescribable. We had refreshments on a terrace with views over the volcanoes at the same time that the dusk had begun. This is such an incredible sight.

Make sure to save some time to lounge on one of Santorini’s gorgeous beaches. Because Santorini is volcanic, there is a wide variation in the colour of the sand found on the beaches. You can enjoy basking in the sun on white sand, grey sand, black sand, and even red sand, the latter the most famous on the island, with stunning red cliffs.  more





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